The best way to get a feel of how we develop and deliver our solutions is to speak to our satisfied clients. Find several of our references on the as page. We are more than happy to discuss with you in person how we could deliver a great solution to your challenge. To provide already a feel for the Entertain & Sustain approach we show below several tools and methods we use during the design and development process.



What to expect

  • A collaborative approach to problem solving
  • Personal contact in the development of the solution
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Creative but professional
  • Structured approach



Used methods

Entertain + Sustain development model This model has been developed on the basis of desk and case study research  in the beginning of 2008 as part of a Master thesis for the Strategic Product Design course at Delft University of Technology. Many different approaches towards integrating sustainability within events have been investigated and combined with methodology research provide a good overview of current state-of-affairs regarding the development of interactive experiences on events. The model is not static and has been adapted and streamlined during several case studies and projects. New approaches and methods have been tested out, resulting in functional model that guides the development of sustainable interactive content for events, both during the idea generating fuzzy front end as during the implementation parts of the process.

Practical applications include:

-finding new channels to interact with the visitors of an event
-define clearly the message that needs to be told through the interaction
-develop a structured approach without losing creative freedom

Download the model here, use it and tell us your experiences!

Creative sessions The different ways of conducting creative sessions are almost endless, but we still like to use them. We are especially fond of methods like mindmaps, co-drawing and moodboards as these are interactive, can be used both within a co-designing process as well as to present ideas, ánd are easy to integrate in multi-disciplinary teams.

Qualitative research and analysis A good understanding of a problem is the only way to be able to develop a fitting solution. In many cases this asks for thorough research into the stakeholders and the users and the expectations, wishes and demands of both parties. But also the environment where a concept will be placed needs to be well understood. Qualitative research and analysis, many times by interviewing the key players within a project, can help bring forward a good starting point for a design and development process. Entertain + Sustain has the knowledge and practical experience to undertake this research and to deliver high value insights, presented in an engaging way.

Collaborations and partners It is our goal to always strive for the highest quality of output as possible and therefore Entertain + Sustain works when necessary together with a range of experts.

Deliverables Depending on the project the deliverables could be a report, consultancy, an event space, a fully produced interactive experience, a strategy, etcetera. In all cases the results will be presented in an accessible, high-density report consisting of an overview of the whole process, the gathered insights and the experiences of the team.