Products & Concepts

During the last three years Entertain and Sustain has developed many concepts, both on own initiative or based on a brief for a client. Many of these concepts have been placed on various events, ranging from London Design Festival to Lowlands Festival.

Battle4Music You step on the dancefloor… ambient music starts, together with your friends you start dancing on this tune. You discover that the floor is reacting, the music is reacting, even the lights are reacting on your moves! In the central pod lights are flashing and you see that you are about to reach the next level.
With a big break you reach the next level, with a powerful beat the music brings you to new heights, you dance faster, harder, stronger! After reaching the highest level there’s a great finale of the song with big lighteffects. You feel tired but content about the result that you achieved with your friends!
A revolutionary interactive installation that stimulates you to cooperate and dance in sync to reach the highest level of music and lights. Based on the Sustainable Dance Floor, Battle4Music provides the participants with an exciting experience where their input defines the way the music builds up. Ending with a great finale, the players will feel satified. Their dancing energy has powered a great experience!

SolarDJ is an interactive game, focused at visitors of outdoor festivals. While playing the game the four participants have to outperform their competitors in catching the sunrays with their own solarpanel. The solarpanel of each participant is connected to the main module. The better the participant catches the sunrays, the louder the corresponding soundtrack (instrument) is going to play through the soundsystem located in the main module. In this way there is a direct response between aiming the solar panel to the sun and the volume of the corresponding instrument. When all four participants are performing the same, the mix will sound good and full, with bass, drums, synths, etcetera. SolarDJ is suitable for all age categories; from kids that will be intrigued by the connection between the sun and the volume of the instruments to adults that will discover that the angle of the panel is important for the efficiency of the solar panel.

InternetCycling combines two basic postmodernistic human necessities: exercise and internet. But not in a standard way!
The bandwidth of the internetconnection is directly related to the amount of energy the cyclist delivers. A direct link between the energy you put in and the result you get out, teaching people in a subtle way about the big amount of energy that is being used to keep our ‘internet’-lifestyle going! Of course scientists, companies and reporters are fighting over the exact amount of energy necessary to perform a search action or load a webpage. But by using InternetCycling the user will understand that there is a relationship between the type of content (text, imagery, multimedia) and the amount of energy necessary to load this data. To enhance this experience a bar of LEDs shows the level of energy and bandwidth the participant is currently in. InternetCycling can work with all network connections and is also available with a GPRS/UMTS/G3 connection, so suitable for all locations!

The SolarTorches workshop lets children create their own solar powered torch. The children are guided throughout the process and discover that the sun provides energy, that you need a battery to have light during the night and need to think about the placement of all the parts of the torch. The workshop SolarTorches is an ideal introduction into the world of solar energy for kids between 5 and 12, and especially fun because they are allowed themselves to work out how their torch should look like.  (This does not mean that the workshop is unsuitable for enthusiastic adults!)

Soldering is handled by the mentor for the younger kids where the older ones can, under supervision, perform these actions themselves.  At the end of the workshop the participants take their SolarTorch home to use!